MKIV mania

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MKIV mania

Мнениеот supra » 16 окт 2004 16:15

Kato stava vupros za Supra nai goliamata mania e da e oranjeva s kit na HKS,gorivna sistema na titanmotorsports,suedinitel na RPS i oshte malko manii.Az znam kade ima takava i e mnogo goliama ludnica tongue.gif


Мнениеот supra_mania. » 16 окт 2004 17:24

malko info za tazi krasavica:


Call Guilly: 602.692.8824

1994 - 6 Speed

74,000 Miles

New Motor (with GReddy forged pistons)

I have come across very few genuine TRD Widebody Supras with big turbo packages like this one. Painted in Skyline Silver by the famous Widebody specialist 20/20 out of Los Angeles, this genuine kit and paint alone were $19,000. The quality of the install is outstanding and there will be no disappointments with this car. Former magazine cover car.

Fitted with dual HKS GT2835 polished turbines, this car makes 950HP at 2.0 bar of boost and rolls on very rare Work Meister 19's front and rear.

Polished Veilside Surge Tank & Fuel System

HKS 272 Cams

HKS Ti Catback Exhaust

Twin Blitz Intakes

HKS Twin Power DLI

Twin Intank Pumps

1000CC HKS Injectors

HKS Front Mount Intercooler

Greddy 16row Oil Cooler

19in Work Equip Wheels

4 Blitz Gauges, Boost, EGT, Fuel Pressure, Oil Temp $1000

Blitz SBC-ID

Blitz Power Meter ID



G-Force ECU

Fluidyne Radiator

Custom Stereo
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